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Representing manufacturers in Lighting, Wire & Cable, Rough-In Products and more

Our portfolio of high quality products provided by the following manufacturers in Mining, Oil / Gas, Residential – single family and multi family homes, Commercial Construction, and Industrial Facilities for the hard working people of Western Penn. and West Virginia. 


American Conduit (USA)
Aluminum Rigid, Couplings, Elbows, EMT Conduit

Austin Enclosures
Electrical Enclosures, Wireway

BRK Electronics
Security Cameras, Smoke, Heat & CO Detection

E-Z Boxes, ENT, Fittings, PVC, Schedule 40/80 PVC Conduit, Speciality Conduit

Cable Tray, Ladder Tray, Wire Mesh

Eclipse Tools
Full Line Electrical, Hand Tools

Engineered Products Co.
Fixture Whips, LED Emergency Backup, T5 & T8 Retrofit Conversion Kits, Temporary, LED & Utility Lighting, Tube Guards

Emergency Lights, Exit Signs, Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts, LED Emergency Backup, LED Retrofit Kits

General Cable
ACSR, Aluminum Building Wire, Carol Brand Cord, Electronic Cable, MC Cable, Medium Voltage - Power Cable, SER, SEU, Stabiloy, THHN, USE, XHHW

Gibson Stainless
Stainless Steel Conduit, Stainless Steel Conduit Bodies, Stainless Steel Fittings, Stainless Steel FS Boxes, Stainless Steel Strut Hardware

Highline Products
Fiberglass Enclosures & Pads, Polymer Concrete & HDPE Enclosures & Pads, Underground Enclosures & Pads

Aerial Cable, Aircraft Cable, Bare Copper, Ground Rods

PVC Coated Conduit, PVC Coated Fittings

Aluminum, EMT Conduit, Galvanized Elbows, Nipples & Couplings, IMC

Plymouth Europa
Electrical Tapes & Splice Kits

Prysmian Group
Aerial & Underground Medium Voltage Cable Systems

Specified Technologies Inc.
Caulking, E-Z Path, Firestopping Products & systems, Pads for Hospitals

Stelpro Designs
Electrical Heating, Baseboard, In-Wall, Convection, Full Line Electric Heating



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