Independent Electrical Manufacturer Representative

Electrical Product Leader of Western PA and West Virginia since 1988

Cardel Criste focuses on the success of our customers by delivering excellent customer service while providing trusted electrical product recommendations. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to developing a relationship of trust with our electrical distributors, their customers and our manufacturer partners by being responsive to our customers’ needs.

Our relationship focus allows us to quickly adapt to changes in the electrical product market enabling us to proactively address customer needs.

We serve the following Market Segments:


Surface to subsurface mining, we can get the tools and parts you need to keep your people working..safely.


Different sites call for different resources, lets us help get the right tools to the right person. 


Apartment buildings and other complexes require more materials, more time, and more expertise. Let us help you.

Oil / Gas

From exploration through extraction, all the way to refining and distribution, our products and advie will make you successful.


Planning, development, implementation, and production, we can provide knowledge and tools at each step.


Working with retail centers, offices, and assembly plants to provide the parts and services need for success.


We have sales staff in West Virgina and Western Pennsylvania to call on distributors, contractors, industrial facilities, engineers and more.


We conduct training programs for distributors and end-users…salespeople and customers.


Spec sheets for projects and bid packages are available for download or you can inquire if you need more assistance.


Develop supplier specific business plans with our distributors and help them execute those plans with marketing resources and ideas. 


Provide joint sales calls, participating in counter days and trade shows and doing “whatever is necessary” to help our manufacturers serve their customers.


Help expedite customer service requests and follow-up on delivery issues for our distributors with our experienced inside sales team.


Deliver quick and accurate turnaround on project quotations.


Call on distributors to share new products with engineer support to help them solve problems and recommend product solutions.

About Cardel-Criste

Cardel-Criste’s roots were founded in 1988 by Michael J Criste, CPMR. Cardel Criste is an Electrical Manufacturer Representative firm with offices in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. Formerly known as Criste & Co before 2004, the company became named Cardel-Criste after it acquired Cardel Sales of Western Pennsylvania.

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